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Unexpected Synergy by LingerieBriefs

October 10, 2019 1 min read

Here is the alluring article Ellen Lewis wrote for LingerieBriefs after she visited the Gilded Lace studio in New York: View LingerieBriefs article here...

Many Gilded Lace pieces are made from French lingerie lace from 1910-1940. Since lace is very much part of lingerie, the designer, Monika Knutsson, is drawn to the styles and construction of traditional lingerie. Her Gilded Lace lingerie pieces include 1930 lace bras from France and vintage garters with the straps intact, all dipped in 24K gold.

When the lingerie industry maven Ellen Lewis from LingerieBriefs contacted Gilded Lace to write an article, Monika thought it was a logical fit.