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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How durable is Monika Knutsson jewelry?
Monika Knutsson jewelry are heirloom pieces. Our jewelry will hold up very well with normal wear and proper care.


2. How heavy is the jewelry?

Our jewelry pieces are very light. Since there is lace inside, the jewelry will weigh less than regular metal jewelry. This is especially advantageous for large earrings, cuff bracelets or large necklaces.


3. Can Monika Knutsson make personalized sizes?

Yes, we regularly make personalized sized cuff bracelets and rings. All you need to do is to provide us with your wrist measurement (circumference) or ring size. However, once the piece of jewelry is made, we can not re-size since there is lace inside of the jewelry.


4. What does 'preorder' mean?
Items not on hand at the time of order will ship approximately 4-6 weeks after the receipt of your order. You will receive confirmation of shipment when the order is sent. If you need your jewelry sooner, please contact us to see how quickly we can accommodate you. Expedition fees may apply.


5. Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, we do. Monika Knutsson gift certificates are available for purchase. Please contact Monika Knutsson and her team at


6. How do I submit a repair?
For any repair inquiries, please contact the original store where the item was purchased or email Monika Knutsson and her team at


7. Does Monika Knutsson have gift wrapping?
All packages will arrive gift wrapped with a tag describing the lace that was used and a piece of the original lace. At your request, we will include a personalized note that will appear on a Monika Knutsson note card to be included in your order package. Please provide the message during checkout.


8. How do I receive help or advice?
We welcome you to contact Monika Knutsson and her team at You will hear from us within 24 hours.