The Gilded Lace Collection

If you like the beauty of lace jewelry and are looking for exquisite jewelry designs, chances are you are going to love Gilded Lace jewelry!  The unique heirloom jewelry is handmade by repurposing traditional lace and dipping it in 24k gold, sterling silver, or rose gold. 

13 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Custom Jewelry from Your Own Lace

Do you have an old wedding dress or vintage lace in your family? You may have wondered if it could have a better purpose than hanging in the closet or laying in a drawer. You also may have fond memories connected to your lace. We will transform your heirloom lace into exceptional jewelry with a personal connection and story. By dipping the lace in 24k gold, sterling silver, or rose gold, the beauty and value of the lace is preserved.

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