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Alphonsine - Pearl and Flower Lace Earrings

  • The sophisticated pearl earrings are made from lace flower petals that we solidified in 24k gold. We finished the organic design with a small middle flower to get a three-dimensional effect.

    The Alphonsine earrings are the largest earrings in the collection ‘Pearls and Lace – Royal Earrings’. Despite their size, these gorgeous earrings are super light and weigh almost nothing.

    We used the finest European Chantilly lace to make the flowers and found the lustrous 10mm pearls to match. Royal families have worn the combination of lace and pearls for centuries. Wearing the pearls and lace earrings today feels like traveling back in time, while also honoring the essence of luxury.

    Celebrate your loved one with an exquisite 13th anniversary gift or birthday gift.

    The Alphonsine earrings are handmade in New York City. Limited edition.

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