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Aline Pearl and Lace Gingko Leaf Earrings

  • These exceptional pearl earrings have lace in the shape of a ginkgo leaf attached. We solidified the lace in sterling silver. We chose the organic shape of the ginkgo leaf because it stands for resilience, hope, love, peace and a long life.

    The lace is French Chantilly lace from the 1960s. We dipped the lace in a bright sterling silver. The pearls are white luminous 8mm freshwater pearls. We are bringing two materials together that hold historical significance. Lace and pearls have been around for hundreds of years. Old museum portraits show queens and noble women wearing pearls and lace. Pearl and lace earrings is classic jewelry, still sought after today.

    The meaning of the name Aline in English is ‘light’ and in French the meaning Is ‘noble’. Aline is a fitting name for these light and noble earrings. The earrings are both light in appearance and light in weight. They weigh almost nothing and are very easy to wear.

    Surprise the light of your life with an elegant 13th anniversary gift or unique birthday gift. The Aline earrings are handmade in New York City. Limited edition.

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