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Beatrice's lace - Stockholm, Sweden

Beatrice inherited handmade lace from her great grandmother from Sweden. She asked us to make three cuff bracelets from the lace: for herself, her mother, and a cousin. But this wasn't just any lace. Her great grandmother, Brändolles Anna Olsson, born in 1898, had hand crocheted it in Rönnäs, Leksand, a colorful part of Sweden called Dalarna, which was where she grew up. That is an area known for its art, its handicrafts, and its red painted cottages—many with thatched roofs. After a day of work at the local wool factory, Anna made her lace at night, by the light of a paraffin lamp. This lace was not to be cast aside. Now it's worn and treasured by Beatrice and her family as heirloom jewelry.