Custom jewelry using lace with personal meaning can be a wonderful way to celebrate or commemorate a life event.
Our founder and head lace repurposer, Monika Knutsson, has developed an expertise, unique to her—in cutting, wielding, and
shaping lace and tulle so as to preserve and display the most minute details of even the ply in the threads. And then she has the
resulting precious pieces transformed in liquid gold and silver, thus creating beautifully handmade custom pieces of jewelry.

Some long-distance clients bring their lace to New York for a consultation with Monika. Others ship sample pieces, while many
others can assuredly entrust sending Monika the entire garment or piece of lace. She then responds with descriptions of the
finished jewelry piece or pieces.

Please plan on the custom jewelry process taking 5-6 weeks, including design and production.
IMPORTANT ADVICE: If you would like custom made Gilded Lace jewelry as Holiday gifts, we have to receive the order on or before
Friday, November 15, 2019.


Custom Jewelry Inquiry