Linda's 1929 Silk Coverlet Lace-New York, NY

Growing up, Linda was fascinated by her mother's delicate silk tulle coverlet—a gift her parents received for their wedding in 1929. That coverlet appeared on her parents' bed only when special guests visited. The best thing about it? Its voluminous border flounces, displaying a field of tiny lace leaves. Linda brought the coverlet to Monika, wondering what kind of jewelry could emerge from it? Monika focused on the tiny leaves. She clipped out five, backed them with a bit of netting, for structure, and turned them into dime-size silver pendants for Linda, her sister, her daughter-in-law, her daughter-in-law's mother, and her newborn granddaughter. Everyone but the baby now wears them on necklaces.

Monika suggested pinning the baby's pendant onto her bassinette—a gesture of protection. Great idea! That was done. Now that the baby has graduated to a crib, the pendant necklace has been placed in a little picture frame, on a shelf right near that crib, awaiting the day when this cherished granddaughter will also wear a tiny piece of her great grandmother's special coverlet.

Linda regards her lace leaf necklace as an amulet, bringing strength and love. Warmed by her skin, it draws her long-departed mother close to her heart.