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13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for her and for him?

May 17, 2022 2 min read

Lace is the traditional 13th wedding anniversary gift. All too often that means lingerie, a shawl or a porcelain dish. But items like these aren't quite special enough.

And then there's lace with a built-in Wow! factor--Monika Knutsson's Gilded Lace jewelry, which has rated a feature story in The New York Times. The Times article cited Beyoncé wearing Monika's featherweight, teardrop-shaped Leopoldine earrings while performing on stage. Monika's jewelry has also been written up in the Oprah Magazine, Elle, and Ebony, among other publications.

Beyoncé wearing Leopoldine lace earrings in 24k gold
Photo: Nina Quintana


Many men shopping for their wives have never seen this kind of jewelry before. Made of real antique, or vintage lace that Monika cuts, shapes and then transforms into gold or silver, here at last is solid, intricate, no-miss jewelry that knows how to bring utter delight. Much like a marriage dating back 13 years, it reverberates with loving care. Of course, lace also stands for sensuality and romance—elements that play an undeniable role in a marriage of love.

And—another plus—Monika's lace jewelry—even the largest pieces--is exceedingly lightweight and a pleasure to wear.

Most sold 13th anniversary gift - the Ryan necklace in rose gold


Monika attaches each jewelry piece with, both a snippet of the original lace and a tag describing the history of that particular type of lace (its name, country of origin, approximate year or era, and what it had been used for.  All 13th anniversary gifts come with a 13th anniversary card designed by Monika for the special occasion.

13th anniversary card with two 13th anniversary gifts

It's all there, in one neat package, a gift of stunning beauty, superb quality, sustainability, and easy wearability—a combination that's sure to thrill and delight for decades to come.

Now what to give as a 13th anniversary gift to your wife?

Lace earrings

Lace bracelets

Lace necklaces

Lace hair accessories

Lace brooches

Lace rings


And 13th anniversary gift to your husband?

Lace cufflinks

Lace lapel pins

Lace bracelet