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Pearls and Lace - Royal Earrings - New Collection

July 17, 2022 3 min read

In museums and art books, one can see old paintings of noble women, queens and princesses wearing pearl earrings. Pearl earrings have become a symbol of royalty, divinity, and timeless adornments.

Royalty with pearl earrings; Empress Eugenie (1864) and Princess Victoria of Prussia (1867)

Royalty wearing pearls and lace; Empress Eugenie (1864) and Princess Victoria of Prussa (1867) painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

We are introducing a new collection of stunning earrings with pearl and lace accents. The combination of lace and pearls is a perfect match. It is a historical duo that women in art and members of the royal party have worn for generations. Pearl and lace earrings are reminiscent of Bridgerton jewelry. They feel like a ticket to the past that never fails to compromise modern appeal. This is a jewel combination that suits weddings, birthdays, and 13th anniversaries.

Pearl Earrings from the Gilded Lace collection - Alyce and Ada earrings

Why Did We Choose Pearl and Lace Earrings?

We are bringing two materials together that hold historical significance. Lace and pearls are both classic materials that have been around for hundreds of years. Lace has an innate story of the past, one that’s immortalized through the gilding process. Pearls themselves live many lives. They grow in nature, only to be polished, preserved, and beveled for long-term wear. Pearls and lace each have their own serene beauty, making them established and lasting adornments. We couldn’t envision a more suitable combination than pearls and lace.

Alphonsine and Agnes Pearl and Lace earrings from new collection

The Many Depictions of Women in Pearls and Lace

Pearl drop earrings have been a symbol in art history for decades. In 1665, Johannes Vermeer created the oil painting, The Girl With The Pearl Earring. It took years for this beautiful depiction of a woman in pearl earrings to earn its credibility. Viewers can see the delicate combination of lace and pearls within the imagery. Today, this painting has turned into cinematic and thematic masterpieces.

Before this painting, there was Portrait of a Woman by Rembrandt van Rijn in 1639. The woman wears an opulent and transparent lace collar and pearl necklace. The combination is a symbol of the feminine, something that still reigns true today. Wearing lace and pearl earrings feel like traveling back in time, while also honoring an essence of luxury.

Girl with a Pearl Earring and Portrait of a WomanGirl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer (1665) and Portrait of a Woman, possibly Maria trip by Rembrandt van Rijn (1639)


The Best Time to Gift Pearl and Lace Earrings

Pearl drop earrings and pearl stud earrings are often worn by brides and the wedding party. Lace is already a symbol of weddings, commemorating the union of two people. Our pearl and lace earrings are amazing gifts for bridesmaids, brides, or wedding guests. They tell the story of love, resilience, and interconnection. Besides, they showcase beauty and versatility that compliments every outfit.

Additionally, pearls are the birthstone for June. Pearl and lace earrings take a unique approach to traditional pearl jewelry, making it a great gift with a surprise factor. Anyone with a June birthday would be flattered by receiving such a delicate, customized piece of jewelry they can wear for years to come.

Many people are on the hunt for the ideal 13th-anniversary gift for their wives. The traditional gift on the 13th anniversary is lace to show the resilience of long-term love. In Western Cultures, the pearl has is associated with the planet Venus. The goddess of love comes from the sea, and the planet itself represents love, rebirth, and new beginnings. The combination is perfect for 13th-anniversaries, evoking a beautiful story you can tell alongside the gift. Pearl and lace earrings awaken the romance factor in any relationship.

 Aimee and Annette Pearl and Lace Earrings

Enjoy Beautiful Pearl and Lace Earrings That Last a Lifetime

Jewelry is a personal extension of self. Many people become bonded with their pieces and hold onto them for generations. Pearl and lace have never gone out of style. If anything, they are resurging in popularity today. Pearl and lace earrings can be passed on to future children and kept as a reminder of the beauty that’s always around us. Everyone will feel like royalty with a touch of pearl and lace in their lives.

 Annik and Ada Pearl and Lace Earrings