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Jewelry Trends for Late Summer and Early Fall 2022

August 03, 2022 4 min read

Jewelry and fashion have always been interconnected with global cultural and political shifts. Jewelry is an ever-evolving gateway for self-expression and representation. Through the struggle of recent years, fine jewelry has added a layer of beauty back into everyone’s lives.

At Christian Dior's couture runway show for Fall 2022 one can see how fashion and jewelry teamed up. The Ukrainian artist Olesia Trofymenko inspired Dior’s head designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri. The artist merged embroidery and paintings with 20th-century photographs of Ukrainian citizens.

Christian Dior's Couture Runway Show for Fall 2022

The Dior couture show featured Ukrainian embroidery, folklore costumes, and the tree of life. The models' somber tone mirrored the disposition of Ukrainian citizens. But the clothing details were lively and abundant. The soft romantic atmosphere showed pearl earrings and muted earth tones.

Couture will influence the jewelry vogue trends for 2022. Oftentimes, jewelry is about taking an old object or idea and rejuvenating it into something new, fresh, and evocative.

Clothing and jewelry are complementary pieces and have always influenced one another in unique ways. Monika Knutsson spent many years working alongside designers in Paris. Since she is a fashion designer, her jewelry pieces are inspired by clothes and the intricate details that make up their construction.


In this article, we will cover the leading jewelry trends to look for in late summer and fall 2022. They are based on expert sources and upcoming fashion styles.

1. Pearls - Timeless Summer and Wedding Jewelry

Pearlescent necklaces, earrings, and bracelets encompass everything that summer represents. Pearls radiate a stripped-down elegance, much like the late days of summer spent outside with a tan in an airy dress. The pearl is also connected to the ocean and symbolizes wisdom, peace, and serenity. Delicate pearl jewelry like the Annik earrings, the Agnes earrings, or the Angie earrings are the perfect accessories. They also exemplify a classy, femininity that’s adorned by many brides on their wedding day.

Pearl and Lace Earrings from the Gilded Lace Collection


    2. Floral - A Fresh 70s Pop For Late Summer, early Fall

      Flowers and leaves are associated with spring, rebirth, and vitality. Summer is in full swing which means retro-70s-inspired floral jewelry is all the rage. The Alphonsine earrings and the Antonina earrings are made from the petals of a lace flower and from a lace leaf.  These statement earrings encapsulate years of history from repurposed lace worn in the 60s and 70s. Now they present with a modern-spin fit for any occasion. Floral jewelry can be used as a statement piece for classic outfits. Or accompanied with bold floral fashion for a more dramatic effect.

      Alphonsine large floral lace earrings and Antonina large lace leaf earrings


        3. Hearts - Playful and Lighthearted Late Summer Essential

          In warm months fashion and jewelry trends experiment with color, shapes, and patterns. When it comes to jewelry, the classic heart shape is no exception. Hearts can be incorporated into accessories to add a sense of playful lightheartedness. They are a timeless representation of femininity, plenty, and romance. If you want your late summer jewelry to capture the essence of real true love, you won’t be able to resist the Ryan necklace, the Ada earrings or the Rory necklace in 2022.

          Lace heart jewelry in rose gold or 24k gold


            4. Silver - An Edgier Alternative For Fall

              Silver is making a comeback this year as an edgier alternative to gold jewelry for fall. Many people opt for gold in the summer to accent their glistening tan. Silver is an age-old way to make a statement with your fall wardrobe accessories. The Xantippi choker and tbe Emerson earrings boasts the perfect combination of edge and timeless class. Pair it with your favorite sweater or flannel to take your look to the next level.

              Edgy Lace Choker in sterling silver and Lace Earrings in Sterling silver


                5. Cuffs - The Perfect Accessory That Radiates Elegance

                  Cuffs are a jewelry piece that dresses up any look with minimal effort. They look amazing with billowing summertime dresses, or jeans on vacation. Consider adding a cuff to your collection when you want to radiate simplicity, style, and grace this summer. There are large cuffs like the Dorothy Lace Cuff Bracelet or smaller everyday cuffs like the Ulla-Britta Cuff Bracelet. Cuffs are also great accessories that transition into the chilly fall months.

                  Lace cuff bracelets large and small in sterling silver and rose gold 

                    6. Gold Accents - Your Everyday Wardrobe Necessity

                      If you want to build up your everyday jewelry collection, gold accents are always a trending option. Textures are popular in 2022 which means you may want to look for gold pieces that are braided, chain-link, or created with Gilded lace for a dimensional effect. Consider stacking your jewelry to create a full-bodied style that makes you look put together anywhere, anytime. The Zada necklace is the ideal way to capture the texture and layering all in one. It’s a small gilded lace charm necklace on a layered, chain link necklace. Pair it with the Quinn stud earrings in 24k gold.

                      Small lace jewelry in 24k gold - stud earrings and pendant necklace 

                        7. Conscious Consumerism - Sustainable and Repurposed Pieces

                          Sustainable jewelry is a top priority for many consumers in 2022. From the environmental impact to ethical sourcing practices, it’s not only about style but an ethos. Trending jewelry pieces will likely come from ethical brands with a small-environmental footprint.

                          Here at Monika Knutsson, we strive to be entirely sustainable. We repurpose vintage lace with dipped gold and silver sourced from recyclable materials. The plant in Brooklyn we work with has a small footprint. Its water is contained, vacuumed, distilled, and recirculated. Zero waste ever makes its way into a landfill, which is a big priority for our business.


                          We hope this list of our top seven jewelry trends will give you inspiration for your seasonal accessories. There are plenty of trends that will start to come to life late summer and fall. Jewelry is one of the greatest gifts that spark joy in our everyday lives. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself and step into your true sacred energy.


                          Explore our large collection of Gilded Lace earrings, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, and more. Shop Monika Knutsson today for your new late summer and fall essentials.