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Elevate your style: Gilded Lace Jewelry Complements Michael Kors’ Spring 2024 Collection

September 18, 2023 2 min read

We are thrilled to enter the world of Michael Kors’ Spring 2024 collection. Kors introduced many beautiful lace looks. They mirror the intricate aesthetics of our Gilded Lace jewelry line. 

The Michael Kors collection exudes a sense of holiday escape. It invites you to embrace a relaxed, carefree spirit, perfect for a night out on the town. Drawing inspiration from the late 1960s and early 1970s, Kors pays homage to the effortlessly chic Jane Birkin. You can see photos of her below wearing a cropped lace top and plunging lace dress.

Jane Birkin wearing lace dress and cropped top.

Jane Birkin with Serge Gainsburg on the beach at Cannes 1969 and wearing the now-iconic crochet maxi dress to attend a gala. (Photo credit: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


Michael Kors has created clean, easy silhouettes in all over lace patterns for his 2024 Spring Collection. He is using the scalloped eyelash lace as a hem for cropped tops, pants, and skirts. We have selected Gilded Lace jewelry to complement four of Michael Kors’ looks.


Pairing Showcase:

Michael Kors Spring 2024 Lace Dress with Gilded Lace earrings. Photo: Isidore Montag/

Michael Kors’ long, white lace dress epitomizes ease and grace. To complement this look, we’ve selected our large Leopoldine earrings in dipped 24k gold. These earrings are incredible lightweight, ensuring comfort even during dance-worthy moments. They’ve also graced the stage with none other than Beyoncé herself.

 Michael Kors Spring 2024 Cropped Top with Gilded Lace earrings.Photo: Isidore Montag/ 

Michael Kors’ cropped top and pants have a scalloped eyelash lace border that adds a touch of femininity. Our Cameron earrings echo this elegant detail, making them the perfect accessory for this look. Their dangling design complements the outfit's refined lines.


Michael Kors Spring 2023 Gold dress with Gilded Lace Pearl and Lace earrings.Photo: Isidore Montag/ 

The radiant gold lace dress by Michael Kors commands attention on its own. It requires fine yet sophisticated jewelry. We've chosen our Ada earrings with pearls and heart accents. They provide just the right touch of elegance to complete the ensemble.

 Michael Kors Spring 2024 Black lace skirt and bra with Gilded Lace brooch.Photo: Isidore Montag/  

We love this black look because it exudes confidence and allure! The gathered lace skirt with its eyelash lace hem, paired with a lace bra and cropped black jacket, creates a striking visual. We picked our Helena brooch to adorn the lapel. The brooch is crafted from the same intricate lace pattern as the skirt and bra. It adds a touch of opulence to this captivating look.


We loved adding our Gilded Lace jewelry to Michael Kors’ lace looks! We hope that this pairing gives you inspiration to elevate your style. Each pairing tells a story of timeless elegance. It brings forth a harmonious fusion of fashion and art.