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Azéline Lace Swirl and Drop Earrings

  • These exceptional statement earrings will elicit complements!

    The idea for the design came when Monika Knutsson, the designer, swirled lace around a pencil. We used French 1940s Valenciennes lace to create the Azéline earrings. In the 1940s this lace was lingerie trim. To make the earrings we still swirl the lingerie lace around a pencil. Later, the lace is dipped in 24k gold.

    Wear these gorgeous and unusual lace earrings for any special occasion. They are so light, you will forget that you wear them until someone complements you on them.

    The Azéline earring are a lovely birthday gift or 13 year anniversary gift.

    We make the Azeline earrings by hand in New York with limited edition.

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